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Danny Vassiliou, owner of the Northamptonshire based premium CBD Oil brand, has set up a campaign to get businesses across the UK to help fight back against mental illness, with cases growing rapidly around the country. The current Corona Virus restrictions have only made an already massive problem worse.

The campaign goals are to get companies and organisations across the country to donate affordable amounts, to local or national mental health related charities of their choosing. There is also encouragement for businesses and organisations to hold various activities or events to raise money. For those unable to donate financially, simply sharing the logo and promoting the cause will be incredibly useful, due to mental health awareness not always getting the recognition it needs. You can get hold of the logo and find out more about the campaign on the information page here

Mr Vassiliou stated that ,“a lot of my customers suffer with mental illness and this is what inspired me to try and bring about a national campaign, to get companies to donate affordable amounts to mental health charities or organisations of their choice. Even sharing the logo and bringing awareness, if you cannot afford to donate any money, is going to help get people to realise that so much needs to be done in order to ease the tsunami of people suffering either due to current Covid restrictions, or who are longer term sufferers”.

Mr Vassiliou himself suffered from Anxiety throughout much of his adult life and it was this that led him to start using CBD oils. They helped him so much with it that he started his own company selling them. “I have seen how debilitating mental illness can be”, he stated, “ there are many people out there who have it much worse than I did, who are seriously on the brink and we need to raise money and awareness immediately, not in the future”, he added.

Partners from within the mental health community are already starting to come on board, with the Northamptonshire charity already helping to get this campaign lifted to as many companies and organisations as possible, all over the UK. “The message is clear”, Mr Vassiliou said, “let’s start the fight against mental illness here, as we see cases of people suffering start to hit dangerous heights. Companies and organisations across the country can really make a difference. My company, will be donating 5% of our profits this November to local mental health charities. Who is going to match me?”

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