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Sino Group is teaming up with Hong Kong-based motion design studio eMotionLAB to organise the six-month “Feel the Motion” programme. Designed with young people in mind, the programme is conceived against the backdrop of an evolving design industry and a growing demand for new disciplines such as motion graphic design. By providing relevant learning, training and work opportunities, Sino Group hopes to equip those aspiring to develop a career in motion graphic design with the required skills and knowledge, and showcase young talent through the “Feel the Motion” platform.

By providing relevant learning, training and work opportunities, Sino Group hopes to equip those aspiring to develop a career in motion graphic design with the required skills and knowledge, and showcase young talent through the “Feel the Motion” platform.

This year, Sino Group is set on promoting the development of motion design in Hong Kong. Over the past three years, the Group has worked with a number of motion design companies on different thematic animations and organised an international motion design contest which attracted the participation of young designers from around the world and was recognised by the industry.

Since 2017, Sino Group’s Tsim Sha Tsui Centre & Empire Centre have been showcasing moving images on their multi-media wall, formed by over 82,000 LED bulbs, which is one of the biggest along Victoria Harbour. 

“The development of shopping malls is becoming increasingly diversified. They are no longer mere shopping destinations but also places where people gather for leisure and recreation. To enhance the customer experience, Sino Malls introduce digital art including motion graphics with the use of large-scale multi-media screens. We are confident that ‘Feel the Motion’ will motivate more young talent to join the motion design industry and inject vitality to the community.”

Andrea Leung, General Manager of Leasing Marketing and Promotions at Sino Group.

A platform offering professional guidance and hands-on experience to nurture and showcase young talent

The “Feel the Motion” programme has two key components – “Master Talks” and “Accelerator Workshops” – covering sharing sessions by industry experts, tutorials and a practical project. Sino Group expects the programme to deepen the understanding of motion design among those new to the industry and the general public, and inspire interest and potential in art, design and technology, ultimately generating new blood for the design industry. The participants of the “Accelerator Workshops” will even have the opportunity to showcase their talents if their work is selected for a commissioned project.

More than 10 renowned local and international industry experts have been invited to be speakers of the programme, which is affiliated with various educational institutions and design organisations. Industry sharing and the “Master Talks” will be held in the form of webinar on 17 and 24 October 2020 (two consecutive Saturdays) respectively. Both will be free and open to the public, including industry practitioners and motion design enthusiasts. The sessions will be interactive and participants can raise questions to the speakers in real time.

Meanwhile, 12 “Accelerator Workshops” on theories, practice and hands-on training will be held online every Saturday between November 2020 and February 2021. There will be 30 quotas and young people who are keen to enter the motion design industry are welcome to apply. All successful applicants will be required to complete assignments, on which tutors will provide feedback and advice on a one-to-one basis. In addition to the online workshops, visits to local motion design companies will be arranged for the participants to experience the real-life working environment.

The 30 participants will be fully subsidised to complete the above workshops, and will each receive an additional subsidy of HK$5,000. They may also be selected to take part in a commissioned project individually or as a group. Should their work be selected, the individual/group will receive a cash prize of HK$120,000 maximum and the work may be displayed on Sino Malls’ digital screens.

Promoting the local design industry by helping talented young people upgrade themselves

Andrea Leung explains:

“Sino Group has been actively incorporating the concept of sustainability into its businesses through promoting innovation, cultural heritage and community bond. With the ‘Feel the Motion’ programme organised with eMotionLAB, we are hoping to help young people aspiring to start a design career equip themselves. The platform strives to unleash their potential through professional guidance and motivate them to showcase their diverse abilities and talents. Through displaying their works at our properties, Sino Group also wishes to share positive messages with locals and visitors alike.”

Mandy Tsang, Founder and Creative Director of eMotionLAB, said:

“With the popularisation of social media and smartphones, moving images can be expected to become a big thing in the near future. Demand for motion design from commercial clients is on the rise, but the local industry has yet to receive the resources and attention it deserves. We are pleased to be working with Sino Group to provide training and practical opportunities for young people who aspire to embark on a career in motion design and deepen their knowledge of the industry.”

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