From Pressat/ SocialBox.Biz

SocialBox.Biz, a London-based community interest company that takes outdated laptops and rehomes them to those in need with open source software, this week announced charities can now join their campaign for sourcing additional materials to end digital exclusion.

As more people than ever before rely on the internet as a means to connect, work, make money, and communicate during the pandemic, SocialBox.Biz is on a mission to make digital resources accessible to all.

“Charities can now join our campaign and encourage large companies and other organizations to take part in our initiative,” said Peter Paduh, Founder of SocialBox.Biz. “We have an urgent appeal for the release of old technology. Spread the word.”

The SocialBox.Biz initiative has been growing in size for years. They are hoping to impact as many lives as possible.

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