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NichkmSWAT pledge Unlimited Free School Meals for children in UK in East London and West London during the current COVIC-19 pandemic.

MARCUS RASHFORD “These children matter. These children are the future of this country. They are not just another statistic. And for as long as they don’t have a voice, they will have mine.”

A QUOTE FROM A PARENT “Hi I’m a single mum of 3 on benefits. I also have a son who has autism, it is embarrassing to ask but do you charge any money for food? I’m in West London. Please keep this confidential. Will you be able to deliver?”

NishkamSWAT is a 100% voluntary humanitarian aid organisation founded in 2008 that look after the immediate needs of the street homeless. The charity serve atleast 5000 meals a week in 24 locations in the UK, and 2 locations internationally, 28 times a week based on the Sikh concept of Langar (Free Community Kitchen) through their faith-based values of love, truth, compassion, forgiveness, contentment and humility. One outreach location in particular, the Strand in London sees at least 350 people being served a night 5 times a week. NishkamSWAT’S COVID-19 project served 50,000 meals across the UK to the elderly, isolated and vulnerable and those over 65 that were shielding as well as over 13,000 meals to NHS staff.

A Statement from Randeep S Lall, CEO of NishkamSWAT
“We know kids are hungry. We know they can’t afford food. How does one’s conscience allow for us to forget about them during the school holidays? Our next generation are going to be running this country. We need to take our responsibility seriously to look after them.
At NishkamSWAT we treat all children as our own therefore we are pledging unlimited vegetarian meals for all children in need.
Your child will not go hungry.”

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