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Committing to one of the largest corporate environmental responsibility projects ever undertaken

tentree sells sustainable apparel as a vehicle to plant trees, planting 10 trees for every item sold.

tentree, an earth-first sustainable apparel brand, has committed to planting one billion trees by 2030

Their pledge of one billion trees is global in scope and current planting areas include Canada, USA, Nepal, Madagascar, Senegal, and Indonesia.

To date, 50 million trees have already been planted, providing over 500 full-time jobs in Madagascar, supporting over 200 farmers in Senegal, providing over 100 jobs in Indonesia, and supporting numerous communities across the globe.

Of the total one billion trees pledged, tentree will also support the planting of 20 million trees in the United States. “We are proud to have collaborated with tentree in developing this ground-breaking pledge, helping this proven corporate sustainability leader take its passion for the environment to the next level. This type of leadership is exactly what is needed to help realize the full potential of forests as a climate change solution,” said Jad Daley, co-leader of the US chapter and president and CEO of American Forests.

This pledge marks one of the largest corporate environmental pledges by a private company to date.  tentree hopes to inspire other individuals and companies from across the globe to take action.

To provide perspective of tree-planting and its impact, the planting of one billion trees equates to:

–  Up to 250 million tons of CO2 removed from the atmosphere
–  10 million hours of forestry-related work to provide jobs to local communities
–  100,000 hectares of land reforested (equal to 240,000 football fields)
–  Greater ecosystem health around the world
–  Helping recharge global groundwater, anchor fertile soil and providing flood barriers

“We believe in a world where businesses can be pacesetters. Where companies are no longer looked at as the problem and, instead, can lead the conversation on restoring our planet and make it easier for consumers across the globe to take that first step,” said Derrick Emsley, CEO and co-founder of tentree. “ is a global platform that is bringing awareness to a cause that tentree has been actively involved with for almost a decade.  We are excited to join their expansive efforts of conservation, restoration and reforestation.”

tentree will leverage their Veritree technology to bring more transparency to global efforts, to promote the work of planet-first companies, and to partner with incredible planting organizations from all across the globe.

Veritree provides on-the-ground transparency to global reforestation efforts.  Through ground level data, the platform digitizes each tree into an “inventory item” that can be treated similar to a physical product. This tool allows the organization to better manage their own inventory, tree projects, and tree allocation while also providing donors with amazing reporting, on-the-ground data attached to their funding, social impact statistics, sustainable development goal information, carbon data, and more. Bringing more transparency and accountability to the space will lift the profile of the entire reforestation space.

“That a single company can pledge such a monumental contribution towards the reforestation movement shows the power of the private sector to achieve big ambitions, and serves as an inspiration for the entire sector to contribute to ecosystem restoration and conservation. As we approach the Davos Agenda week, this pledge of 1 Billion trees is a great example of the contribution of nature-based solutions to addressing climate change, sustainable livelihoods, and healthy ecosystems,” says Nicole Schwab, Co-director of and the World Economic Forum’s Nature Based Solutions.

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