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Animal Ortho Care (AOC) has announced a partnership with Miracle’s Mission, a UK animal charity. The online pet retailer has been focused on animal braces, animal prosthetics, and pet pain relief products, working with a number of nonprofits in the past, but never a fundraising initiative like this.

Miracle’s Mission is dedicated to providing medical care to animals in places such as Borneo and Egypt. Many of these animals are street dogs and have been abused. The organization’s mission is to also educate communities about the importance of neutering and animal welfare. 

“Our goal with this initiative is to spread awareness and help small nonprofits like Miracle’s Mission receive funding, ultimately to give these dogs a better life. Animals cannot advocate for themselves, so we need to be that voice for them,” said Rachel Ankeny, VP of Marketing and Communications.

AOC’s site currently features two dogs that were recently brought from Egypt to Miracle’s Mission. Both dogs are missing limbs. Batel is believed to have had his front leg and remaining front toes chopped off, along with both hips dislocated. Sandy was believed to have been run over by a train, losing both of her back paws.

“We hope that by starting this conversation and exposing the reality of what street dogs face, we can educate the public on animal welfare and be a catalyst towards more rescue adoptions. We are thrilled to be working with Victoria and to help give these animals a life they’ve never had,” said Aneeta Boor Boor, VP of Marketing & Advertising.

Batel & Sandy are both in the process of receiving prosthetics from Animal Ortho Care. All of the funds raised go directly towards paying medical bills for surgeries, prosthetics and to treat the amputations.  

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