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The team behind one of the world’s first fully fan-financed films -MAD HEIDI- today unveiled MAD INVEST, a new film-funding and distribution model set to revolutionise the movie industry. Putting fans first, these MAD INVESTORS have already had the chance to sign up in advance to secure their Mad Heidi shares, which has so far raised CHF 250,000. From today, all investors now have the opportunity to buy MAD HEIDI shares via the MAD INVEST platform

Mad Heidi- get your piece of the cheese today. (PRNewsfoto/Mad Heidi)

Tero Kaukomaa, co-producer of Mad Heidi, said, “MAD HEIDI is demonstrating that fan-driven films for a worldwide audience are not only fun, they are a profitable investment opportunity. The MAD INVEST model is a first in that backers can directly participate as equals in the financing of a global movie, share in net revenues of a global film, and unlock priceless bonus rewards like being in the film, visiting the set, or even getting their name in the film credits. By using a crowd investment model, blockchain technology, and a simultaneous global release, MAD HEIDI will also reduce the problem of piracy as well as the many middlemen like distributors and sales agents who take their cut and reduce revenue. It’s a win-win for the movie’s backers and fans in general.”

A model for future film production- how it works
A minimum of CHF 1 million is required to begin production of the movie. Only 4000 shares are being made available starting from just CHF 500. In the unlikely event the CHF 1 million production threshold is not reached investors will get their money back.

The distribution of the film is fully controlled by the production team. This allows them to end the problem of piracy as all fans will be able to see the movie at the same time. It also reduces the costs associated with paying distributors and agents. Both will help increase revenues. Mad Investors participate in all net revenue from the film, including digital streams, downloads, sales of DVDs, Bluray or other physical formats, and revenues from theatrical releases and TV-sales. Mad Investors who invest more than CHF5,000 also participate in all net revenues generated through merchandise sales. 

Blockchain goes to the movies
Crowd-financing a film like Mad Heidi can involve many stakeholders spread worldwide. Blockchain greatly reduces administrative costs by automating transactions while ensuring trust between all parties. MAD INVEST uses ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum network, which are minted each time an investment is confirmed. Smart contracts reduce costs and human error, so more money goes to investors. UK-based Filmchain is supporting us with our blockchain-based revenue distribution. All revenues from the film go directly into the blockchain-secured collection account on, and then into the wallets of MAD INVESTORS. Each investor can then transfer their share of the revenue to their own bank account once their wallet balance has reached a minimum of CHF 30. While cryptocurrency is not a requirement, it can be used to invest. 

So, what’s the movie all about? 
The little girl from the alps is back…with a vengeance. Mad Heidi is an action-adventure-comedy-horror parody of the much-loved children’s storybook character Heidi. Now all grown up, Heidi is just a girl from the Alps in an alternative Switzerland that has fallen under fascist rule. Little does she know that her yearning for personal freedom will be the spark that ignites a revolution. From fondue torture to death by chocolate, Mad Heidi is a true Swissploitation film. Think Kill Bill meets The Sound of Music.

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